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I have recently been interviewed by Eva Jordan, local writer and columnist for the Fens magazine (May edition).

Eva has kindly followed this up with a review of my book, (The Railway Carriage Child) in the June edition of the Fens magazine.

Both editions of the Fens Magazine are avaliable on line.

It is encouraging to get the support of a talented local author.

Thank you Eva.

This has not been a good time for promoting book sales with venues closed and signings cancelled but it has been a good time to concentrate on my first novel. With the freedom to range in my imagination, it’s almost as good as having a sneaky day out during lockdown. Yesterday I introduced three new characters and spent the day getting to know them. They live in Rutland so it was lovely to visit the rolling hills again, (in my mind of course). 

New characters are always fun, getting used to the way they speak and any little quirks that endear them to the reader.

A notebook is essential. I have a separate section for each character so I don’t get caught out later by conflicting information and there is always the opportunity to visit them again _ no invitation needed. So if you are writing at the moment, take this opportunity for a day out in a favourite spot whilst still sitting at your desk.

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  1. Well done with that novel. I’ve dug out my “practice novel” to see if there’s anything in there worth salvaging – if only for the blog. I thought I ought to read it through first, as I’ve forgotten much of it. So far it’s sent me to sleep twice in the sun.
    Maybe that’s all the feedback I need!

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