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As we head out of lockdown and start to plan summer outings I am sitting out these last (hopefully) weeks by reading the few remaining books that I stockpiled at the beginning of our enforced stay-at-home.

This week I have finally managed to read the last of Eva Jordan’s trilogy. I had read the first two books, 183 Times a Year and All the colours in between when they first came out but it was easy to pick up the story as each book can be read as a stand-alone story.

Meeting the Lemalf family again was like meeting up with old friends; the characters so life-like that I wanted to ask all the usual catch-up questions.

I wanted to know how mum and step-mum, Lizzie, was coping with her grown-up children. Does it really get easier as they get older, or maybe harder?

How had the dimensions of this enchantingly dysfunctional family changed?

This third book, Time will Tell, gives us the answers but raises more questions as we visit them in the quiet fenland market town that has been their home for the series.

Earlier mysteries are revisited and we come to understand how the hidden past of an older generation are still impacting on Lizzie and her blended family.

For the first time we join Lizzie as she explores the less familiar world of 1960s London where the Krays were not the only villains lurking in the shadows.

How did such unsavoury characters from the past come to be instrumental in the functioning of a modern fenland family?

Eva Jordan leads us through the latest developments with her usual mix of humour and insight.

Highly recommended for these last days at home, or to pack as you head off on holiday.  

This book and all Eva’s books are available on Amazon.

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  1. It doesn’t get easier or harder – only different (and, possibly, more expensive…) I read Eva’s trilogy in bed last year in New Zealand while catchng up with a 12 hour time difference, and found them refreshingly different from the usual family saga.

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